How secure is my data?

Your data is stored only locally on your phone. It is also automatically backed up to your private Google Drive space or iCloud if cloud backups are enabled on your phone. For more information on this review our Privacy Policy.

Click to see more detail! Data stored in the app's private directories is not accessible by any other apps or processes. You (or anyone else) even can't download the data from the app even if you connect your phone to your computer. Your backups are transferred to the Google Drive or iCloud via the secure (encrypted) channels. All data stored on Google Drive is encrypted by Google, data on iCloud is encrypted by Apple. Only the Panily app is able to read your data. We don't transfer your data to any external server, so we don't have the access to your data. Neither can any third-party app read your data.

How do I add medications, and what is the difference between a medication and prescription?

In a nutshell, prescriptions can have multiple medications and Panily allows you to create either individual medications or link multiple medications to a single prescription by creating a prescription entry first

Click here to learn more about adding a Medication/Prescription To add a prescription, click on the + button and choose '+ Prescription' - then add all the medications in that prescription using the 'Add Medication' button on the page. After you add each medication, you will be taken back to the prescription page showing all the medications you've added to that prescription To add a medication, click on the + button and choose '+ Medication' - then add the details of the medications. You can choose to set up notifications in the next section by adding the medication schedule for the medication - enter the dosage and how often the medication should be taken to receive reminders. You can also setup a reminder for getting a refill for the medication in the same section

I uninstalled Panily, then re-installed it and I'm having issues?

As Panily stores all your data on your phone - the saved data doesn't always get deleted from your Android phone when you uninstall the Panily app. This causes the re-installed Panily app to become unresponsive on startup and needs to be reset.

Click to see how you can reset the app On Android, go to the setting for your app - and click on storage - then proceed to click on 'clear storage'. This will delete all the data you have saved in Panily so far

Can I install Panily on 2 devices, will my data sync between the devices?

Panily only stores your data on the current device/phone, not in the cloud. As a result it's currently not possible to sync your data between devices. However, the ability to move your data between devices is a planned feature on our roadmap. We plan to enable cloud backup/restore for your data, and it will be possible to use the cloud back to restore your data to a new device in the near future (early 2023)